Is Your Financial Model Toxic?

Here's the antidote

There are just 4 numbers in your financial model

PH x BR = TE + P

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Project Hours

Take all your hours spent working on billable projects...

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Multiply by the billing rate that you charge for those hours...

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That sum is equal to your total expenses from all sources, plus...

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Your profit, or loss as required by this equation.

Are your numbers balanced for

profitability or liability?

My Story

I learned the 'secret' of the financial model for architects three years after starting my firm by attending a workshop given by a fellow architect. I discovered that when I used hourly rates I was losing $15 per hour.

I was flying blind, and it wasn't going to end well.

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Throughout my career I have used this method and it has never let me down. The Financial Model Workbook is the result of working to make the model easy to use because every architect needs to know how this works.

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A Simple Tool For The Small-Firm Architect

The Financial Model Workbook is simple. Enter a name and 4 pieces of data about each employee (contract workers supported). Three more numbers and your model is complete.

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Financial Model


Shows you how well your model works

You can easily determine where to make changes

Gives you the key ratio for profitability

See the impact of contract workers

Get the Financial Model Workbook today and get your firm in balance

The workbook comes ready to use

The spreadsheet comes in Excel xlsx, and Apple Numbers formats

There are step by step instructions

Indicates your breakeven rate and min billing rate

Provides guidance for improving your model

Getting your financial model right is priceless, the Financial Model Workbook is just $129.

- or 4 payments of $33 -

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NO RISK - 30 day money back guarantee.

Don't spend another month flying blind.

Make your firm stronger with a profitable financial model.

You can't survive without a sound financial model.




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